About Amphora Imports LLC





Amphora is a licensed U.S.A. importer,  we operate and distribute on a national level.  In our home state of Minnesota we are also a licensed wholesaler for wines as well as spirits.  We specialize in wines and spirits from around the world.   

  • We are active in these states:
    • Minnesota -Headquarters
    • Arizona 
    • Georgia
    • Illinois 
    • Indiana 
    • Kentucky 
    • Louisiana 
    • Massachusetts 
    • Michigan 
    • Missouri 
    • Nebraska 
    • Nevada 
    • New Mexico 
    • North Dakota 
    • Ohio Oregon 
    • South Carolina 
    • Texas Washington 
    • Wisconsin   
    • We have distribution partners that cover other states for a total distribution footprint of 43 states serviced.  

We are open to expanding to other states in the U.S.A.

We own and operate our stand-alone offices and warehouse facilities.  Our warehouse is temperature, light and humidity controlled.  





  • Shanna Marx-Owner
    • Certified Sommelier Court of Master Sommeliers
    • WSET level 3 Certified and Diploma Student
    • International Sommelier Guild levels 1, 2 and Diploma 
    • 15+ years of Wine & Spirits industry experience

  • Bob Marx-National Sales Specialist
    • Distinguished 20+ military career in the Marines and Coast Guard
    • Executive search specialist
    • 15+ years of Wine & Spirits industry experience

  • Andrea Carlson-New Product Development
    • Certified Executive Sommeleir
    • WSET level 3 certified
    • Previously a wine category analyst with one of the largest international producers and marketers of wine.

  • James  Schweickhardt-East Metro Market Manager
    • Accredited Certified Wine & Beer Specialist

  • Gloria Arneberg- MN Sales Represenative

  • Amanda Meyers-Operations, Compliance and Logistics Manager
    • Communications & Business Management background
    • Key member for behind the scenes operations


  • Lorne Rogers-Warehouse Manager
    • Inventory manager
    • MN instate logistics Manger

Quality control specialist





*This section is frequently expanding*


EXPRESION Extra Brut NV, Mi   Terruno 750/12 (90pts Suckling)   

EXPRESION Cab.   Sauv. 2014, Mi Terruno 750ml/12   

EXPRESION   Cabernet Franc 2017 Mi Terruno 12/750ml   

EXPRESION   Malbec 2017, Mi Terruno 750ml/12 (88pts Suckling)  

 MAYACABA   Malbec 2014, Mi Terruno 750ml/6 (91pts Suckling)  

 Reserve Malbec   2016, Mi Terruno 750ml/12 (93pts Suckling)  

 UVAS Bonarda   2018, Mi Terruno 750ml/12 (88pts Suckling)   

UVAS Cabernet   Sauvignon 2018, Mi Terruno 750ml/12 (90pts Suckling)  

 UVAS   Chardonnay 2019 Mi Terruno 12/750ml  

 UVAS Malbec   2017, Mi Terruno 750ml/12  

 UVAS Malbec   2018, Mi Terruno 750ml/12 (93 Points James Suckling)   

UVAS Torrontes   2018, Mi Terruno 750ml/12 (89pts Suckling)   

UVAS Torrontes   2019 MI Terruno 12/750ml   

Perro   Callejero Malbec 2017 750ml/12      


Schild Estate Barossa Shiraz   2014 750ml/12 (90 WE & WS)        


Aresti Bellavista Cabernet   Sauvignon Reserva 2016 12/750ml (91 Suckling)   

Aresti   Bellavista Pinot Noir Reserva 2018 12/750ml   

Aresti   Bellavista Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2017 12/750ml   

Aresti Family   Collection 6/750ml 2012   

 Los Morros   “Limited Edition” Sauvignon Blanc 2019 750ml/12  

 Aresti   Trisquel Assemblage 2017 12/750ml   

Aresti   Trisquel Cabernet Sauvignon 201512/750ml (91 Suckling)   

Aresti   Trisquel Gran Reserva Carmenere 2017 12/750ml   

Aresti   Trisquel Sauvignon Blanc 2017 750ml/12     


 Aphrodite Keo LTD Cyprus   750ml/6   

500ml- St.   John Commandaria Cyprus NV 500ml 


 Cuvee Barbebelle Rose Fleuri   2018 750ml/12  

 La Domaine   d'Albas Rouge Chateau St. Jacques 2016 750ml/12   

Château   Cantenac 2011 750ml/12  

 Joseph Mellot   Crement de Loire "Le Marquis" NV 750ml/12    

Joseph Mellot   Sincérité Pinot Noir Rosé 2017 750ml/12  

 Chateau du Ballandreau Cuvee Excellence 2014 750ml/12 (90 Points   & Best Buy Wine Enthusiast) 

  H. Blin Blanc   de Noirs NV (93 pts W& S) 

  H. Blin Rose   NV 750ml/12 (91 pts Wine Enthusiast)  

 H. Blin   Champagne N.V. (91 WS) 750ml/12  

  Haut de   Buisson CDR Red 2018 750ml/12   

Haut de   Buisson CDR White 2018 750ml/12  

 Collection   Sinsans Pinot Noir 2017 750/ml   

Les   Collegiales Vaqueyras 2015 750ml/12   

Conffessions   Croze Hermitage 2018 750ml/12   

Chateau   Tovana Red 2017 750ml/12  



Baia's Red 2018 Otskhanuri   Sapere 750ml/12  

 Baia’s Wine   Tsitska-Tsolikouri-Krakhuna 2018 750mL/6   

Chona’s Marani   Mtsvane (amber) 2018 6/750ml   

Chona’s Marani   Rkatsiteli (amber) 2018 6/750ml   

Dilao   Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane 2018 750ml/12   

Dilao Saperavi 2017 750ml/12 (Dry Red, Qvevri wine) 90 Points   & Best Buy Wine Enthusiast   

Guardian's   Wine Rkatsiteli 2018 750ml/12  

 Guardian's   Wine Saperavi 2018 750ml/12   

Naotari   Rkatsiteli-Kisi-Khikhvi 2017 6/750ml   

Naotari   Saperavi 2017 6/750mL   Orgo   Rkatsiteli 2018 750ml/6   

Orgo Saperavi 2017 750ml/6 (Dry red, Quevri, Old Vines) 2015   Vintage 90 Points Wine Enthusiast, 2016 not yet rated   

Orgo Sparkling   Mtsvane 2015 750ml/6 (method Champenoise, 20 months lees)  

 Our Wine   Avsebi Vineyard Rkatsiteli 2017 6/750ml   

Pataridze   Rachuli Alexandrouli/Mujuretuli Red blend 2018 6/750ml   

Shalauri   Kisi-Khikhvi 2016 6/750ML   

Teliani Valley   Kindzmaruli 2017 750ml/12 (91pts WE)   

Teliani Valley   Mukuzani 2016 750ml/12   

Teliani Valley   Saperavi 2017 750ml/12 (Dry Red)   

Teliani Valley Tsinandali 2016 (Dry White, 80% Rkatsiteli, 20%   Mtsvane) 750ml/12  

 Tevza Goruli   Mtsvane (amber) 2018 6/750ml  


Gentilini Eclipse 2016 750ml/12   

Gentilini   Notes Red 2017 750ml/12   

Gentilini   Robola 2017 750ml/12   

 Gentilini   Notes White 2018 750ml/12  

 Harlaftis   Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 750ml/12  

 Harlaftis   Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 750ml/12  

 Harlaftis   Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 750ml/12  

 Harlaftis   Nemea 2016 750ml/12   

Klima   Kotsifali Merlot 2016 750ml/6   

Karavitakis   Klima Vidiano 2017 750ml/12   

Retsina   Malamatina & Sons NV 500ml/24    

Markou Kleftes   2018 750ml/12   

Markou Retsina   NV 750ml/12   

Markou   Savatiano 2018 750ml/12   

Feast Red,   Semeli 2018 750ml/12   

Semeli   Mantinia 2018 750ml/12  

 Feast White,   Seméli 2018 750ml/12   

Spiropoulos   Mantania 2017 750ml/12  

 Spiropoulos   Ode Panos White 2017 Sparkling 750ml/6  

 Domain   Spiropoulos Red Stag 2015 750ml/12  

 Thimiopoulos   Naoussa 2015 750ml/12   

Thimiopoulos   Young Vines 2018 750ml/12  

Garalis Terra   Amber 2018 750ml/12   

Garalis Limnio   2018 750ml/12   

Garalis   Retsina NV 500ml/12  

 Halkia Amber   2018 750ml/12   

Kontozisis By   Soft Nails 2017 750ml/12   

Kontozisis   Drop by Drop 2018 750ml/12   

Kontozisis   Innocent Dove 2017 750ml/12   

Kontozisis   A-Grafo Roditis 2018 750ml/12   

Kontozisis   Clear Skies 2018 750ml/12   

Kontozisis Sun   Red 2015 750ml/12 

Cert. Organic   Oenogenesis   Mataroa 2018 750ml/12   

Sant'Or   Santameriana Amphora 2018 750ml/12   

Vaimaki Damily   Mater Natura 3 Orange Dry Organic Riesling 2013 12/750ml  

 Vaimaki Family   Popolka 2018 750ml/12  

 Lyrarakis   Assyrtiko "Voila" 2018 750ml/12   

Lyrarakis   Dafni 2018 750ml/12   

Lyrarakis   Kotsifali 2017 750ml/12  

 Lyrarakis   Liatiko Rose 2018 750/12   

Liastos Sweet   Dessert Wine 6/375ml   

Lyrarakis   Liatiko Aggelis Red 2017 12/750ml  

 Lyrarakis   White 2016 750ml/12   

Lyrarakis   Mandalari 2014 750ml/12  

 Lyrarakis   Plyto 2017 750ml/12   

Lyrarakis Red PGI Crete 2016 750ml/12 (Texsom Silver, Decantger   Bronze, JR 16.5 Points)   

Lyrarakis   Vilana 2016 750/12   

Lyrarakis   Zazazu NV Frizzante750/12  



Preselo Muscat Lunel 2018   12/750  

 Preselo   Tokaji Furmint 2018 750ml/12



Galil Cabernet Sauvignon 2018   750ml/12   

Galil Mountain   Rose 2012 750ml/12   

Galil Syrah   2017 750ml/12  

Galil Yiron   2008 750ml/12   

 Gilgal Brut NV   750ml/6 (Sparkling)   

Gilgal   Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 750ml/12 (89pts Wilfred Wong)   

Gilgal   Chardonnay 2019 750/12   

Gilgal   Sauvignon Blanc 2016 750ml/12   

Gilgal Merlot   2014 750ml/12  

 Gilgal   Riesling 2017 750ml/12   

Golan Heights   Sion Creek Red 2015 750ml/12   

Hermon Gift   Pack 2017 8/750ml Per Case   

Hermon Indigo   2016 750ml/12   

Mount Hermon   Moscato 2018 750ml/12   

Hermon Red   2018 750ml/12    

Hermon White 2018 750ml/12  

 Yarden 2T 2013   750/ml   

Yarden Blanc   de Blanc 2009 750ml/6    

Yarden   Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 750ml/12    

Yarden   Chardonnay 2017 750ml/12   

Yarden Katzrin   Chardonnay 2015 750ml/12   

Yarden Katzrin   Red 2011 750ml/6    

Yarden Merlot   2014 750ml/12 (91 Wine Enthusiast)  

 Yarden Pinot   Noir 2010 750ml/6   

Yarden Petit   Verdot 2015 750ml/12   

Yarden Rom   (Red Blend) 2006 6/750ml    

Yarden Syrah   2015   

Yarden T   Squared 2011 6/750ml..   



Binzamanna Cannonau di   Sardegna DOC RENTILES 2016 750ml/6   

Binzamanna   Cannonau di Sardegna DOC RENTILES 2018 750ml/6   

CA' BRUSA Barolo VAI 2005 750ml/6  

Ca' Brusa   Barolo VAI 2008 750ml/6   

Cacciabruco,   Skin contact white 2018   

Mamma Mia   2017, Malvasia and Trebbiano 750ml/12   

Montetarbato   Centesimino 2015 750ML/6  

 Pora Loca   2017, 100% Sangiovese 750ml 

  I CARPINI, Roccolo dei Carpini, Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Piemonte   2011 750ml/12+ (Biodynamic, EU Cert. Organic, Vegan Cert)  

 I CARPINI Colli Tortonesi Rosso "DOC TERRE D'OMBRA "   Albarossa 2010 750ml/12+ (Biodynamic, EU Cert. Organic, Vegan Cert)  

 I CARPINI Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Doc RUGIADA DEL MATTINO 2017   750ml/12 (93pts IWSC) (Biodynamic, EU Cert. Organic, Vegan Cert)   

Raina Umbria   Grechetto IGT 2017 750ml/12   

Raina   Montefalco Rosso DOC 2014 750ml/12   

Raina Rosso   della Gobba IGT 2015 750ml/12   

Raina   Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG 2013 750ml/12    

La Meridiana   Lugana DOC Organic 2018 750ml/12   

Erbaluce di   Caluso DOCG LA RUSTIA, Orsolani 2017 750ml/12   

Caluso Extra   Brut DOCG 2015, Orsolani 750ml/12   

Poderi   Angelini Brut Rose NV 12/750ml   

Poderi   Angelini Fiano IGT Salento 2018 750ml/12   

Poderi   Angelini Negroamaro IGT Salento 2012 750ml/12    

Poderi   Angelini Rosato Salento 2018 750ml/12   

Poderi   Angelini Susumaniello IGT Salento 2018 750ml/12   

Sentio   Prosecco DOC Brut NV 750ml/12    

Sentio   Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG Brut NV 750ml/6    Sentio   Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 750ml/12    

Sentio Pinot   Grigio 2018 750ml/12   

Sentio Cuvee   Rose Extra Dry Rosa Aurea NV 750ml/12   

 Sobrero   Barbera D'Alba DOC "Selection" 2016 750ml/12   

Sobrero   Chinato NV 500ml/12    

Sobrero Barolo   DOCG "Ciabot Tanasio" 2012 750ml/12 (92pts Suckling)   

Sobrero   Dolcetto D'Alba 2013 750ml/12   

Sobrero   Dolcetto D'Alba 2017 750ml/12 (90 pts Suckling)   

Sobrero Langhe   Nebbiolo 2017 750ml/12 (90pts Suckling)   

Sobrero   Barolo "Parussi" 2014 750ml/12 (92 Wine Enthusiast)  


New Zealand  

 Caythorpe Family Estate   Marlborough Pinot Noir 2016 750ml/12   

Caythorpe   Family Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018 750ml/12     




 Kopke 2004   Colheita 375ml/24    

Kopke 1953   Colheita 750ml/6   

Kopke 1966   Colheita 375ml/12 (96 WA, 95 WS)    

Kopke 1978   Colheita 375ml/12 (94 pts RP Wine   Advocate #223 Mar 2016)   


Kopke LBV 2014   750ml/12   

Kopke LBV 2014   375ml/24  

 Kopke Fine   Ruby 750ml/12    

Kopke Fine   Ruby 375ml/12    


Kopke 10 Year   Tawny 750ml/12    

Kopke 20 Year   Tawny 750ml/6 (92 WE)    

Kopke 30 Year   Tawny 750ml/6    

Kopke 30 Year   Tawny 375ml/12    

Kopke 40 Year   Tawny 750ml/6 (92 Wine Enthusiast)    

Kopke Port   Fine Tawny 750ml/12    

Kopke Port   Fine Tawny 375ml/12 


Kopke Vintage   2016 750ml/6 (96 Points Wine Enthusiast)  

 Rocha Vintage   2011 750ml/12    


Kopke Dry   White 750ml/12    

Kopke Dry   White 375ml/24



Tyto Alba Tinto 2014 750ml/6,   92 points Wine Enthusiast     

Tyto Alba Sauv Blanc

Tyto Alba White Blend

Andreza Tinto

Andreza Reserva Tnto 

Andreza Reserva White

Maria Bonita 


South Africa   

Chenin Blanc Bushvine   Stellenbosch Vineyards 2018 750ml/12   

Pinotage   Bushvine Stellenbosch Vineyards 2017 750ml/12   

Cote de   Paradis Chenin Blanc/Viognier 2019 750ml/12      



Otonal Crianza 2011 750ml/12  

 CAVA DIGNITAT   BRUT Josep Masachs Estate 750ml/12   

CAVA DIGNITAT   BRUT NATURE ORGANIC Josep Masachs Estate 750ml/12   

CAVA DIGNITAT   ROSE Josep Masachs Estate 750ml/12  

 La Doncella   Chardonnay 2016 750ml/12   

Tradicion H   Reserva 2015 (92WE) 750ml/12   

Tradicion H   Gran Reserva 2010 (93WE) 12/750ml     

 Bodegas Tinedo   Cala N.1 2016 750ml/12   

Bodegas Tinedo   Cala N.2 2014 750ml/12   

  Clos de Tafall   Priorat 2016 750ml/12 (90pts WE)    

Delicioso   Tempranillo 2019 750ml/12   

Rumor   Ungrafted Old Vine Monastrell 2017 750ml/12   

Senorio Del   Sotillo Crianza 2014 750ml/12   

Xamfra NV   Reserva Cava 750ml/12 89 WA        

Sherry   Pérez Barquero “Los Amigos”   Fino 750ml/12 +(89 Parker the Wine   Advocate)  

 Pérez Barquero   “La Cañada” PX 750ml/6+(94 Parker the   Wine Advocate)   

Gran Barquero   Amontillado 500ml/12+# (95 Parker the   Wine Advocate)  

 Gran Barquero   Fino 375ml/12+# (92 Parker the Wine Advocate)   

Hidalgo Cream   Alameda (91WA) 500ml/12   

Hidalgo   Manzanilla La Gitana (92WS, 92W&S) 500ml/12   

Hidalgo   Amontillado Seco Napoleon (92WS) 500ml/12   

Hidalgo   Oloroso Seco Faraon Sherry (93WS)   500ml/12   

Hidalgo Pedro   Ximenez Triana (92WS) 500ml/12       

United States       


Kumbaya 2016 750ml/12   

Marlo Cabernet   Sauvignon 2016 750ml/12   

Marlo   Chardonnay 2017 750ml/12  

 Marlo Merlot   2016 12/750ml   Marlo Pinot   Noir

2017 12/750ml   2017 Scar of   the Sea Seven Leagues Chardonnay 750ml/12   

2017 Santa   Maria Valley 'Seven Leagues' Pinot Noir 750ml/12   

2018 Methode   Ancestrale San Juan South Vineyard Chardonnay sparkling 750ml/12  

 2017 Scar of   the Sea Santa Barbara County Chardonnay 750ml/12  

 2016 Scar of the Sea Santa Barbara County Pinot   Noir 750ml/12   

2018 Scar of the Sea Santa Barbara County Pinot   Noir750ml/12   

Secret Cellars   Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 750ml/12   

Secret Cellars   Chardonnay 2017 750ml/12   

Secret   Cellars Pinot Noir 2018 750ml/12   



Old   Westminster Blinded By The Light (50% piquette blanc, 30% grüner veltliner, 20% vidal blanc) 2019 750ml/12   

Old Westminster Come Together 2019 12/750ml (40% piquette rouge,   35% blaufränkisch, 25% chambourcin) 

  Old   Westminster Hunky Dory 12/750ml   

Old Westminster Take It Easy 2019 Rose (60% chambourcin rosé,   35% piquette blanc, 5% piquette rouge) 12/750ml   

Old   Westminster Orange Piquette 750ml/12   

Old   Westminster Syrah Rose 750ml/12   

Old   Westminster Franc Fizz 12/750ml   

Old   Westminster Heirloom White 750ml/12   

Old   Westminster Rev Red 750ml/12   

Old   Westminster Cabernet Franc Home Vineyard 750ml/12  

 Old   Westminster Terracotta 12/750ml   

Old   Westminster Albarino Pet Net 750ml/12   

Old   Westminster Pinot Gris Pétillant Naturel 750ml/12   

Old   Westminster Riesling Pétillant Naturel 750ml/12

   Old   Westminster Solera, Batch No.2 500ml/12        


Airlie Müller-Thurgau Estate   2016 750ml/12  

 Airlie Seven   2017 750ml/12   

Airlie Pinot   Blanc 2016 750ml/12  

 Airlie Pinot   Gris 2015 750ml/12   

Airlie   Riesling 2015 750ml/12   

Airlie   Riesling 2014 750ml/12  

 Airlie Rosé of   Pinot Noir 2017 750ml/12  

 Airlie Pinot   Noir Willamette Valley 2015 750ml/12   

Anne Amie   Cuvee A Amrita 2018 750ml/12   

Anne Amie   Cuvee A Muller-Thurgau 2016 750ml/12  

 Anne Amie   Cuvee A Muller-Thurgau 2017 750ml/12  

Anne Amie   Cuvee A Midnight Saignee Rose of Pinot Noir 2017 750ml/12  

 Anne Amie 2019   Rose of Pinot Noir 2019 750ml/12   

Anne Amie Rose   of Pinot Gris 2019 750ml/12   

Anne Amie   Estate Dry Riesling 2015 750ml/12  

 Anne Amie   Pinot Blanc 2017 750ml/12  

 Anne Amie   Cuvee A Pinot Noir 2016 750ml/12   

Anne Amie   Pinot Gris 2019 750ml/12   

Anne Amie   Twelve Oaks Estate Gamay Noir 2017 750ml/12     

Anne Amie   Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Winemakers Selection 2018 750ml/12   2014 Anne Amie   Estate Pinot Noir 6/750ml  

 Anne Amie   Prisme Pinot Noir Blanc 2016 750ml/6  

 Anne Amie   Marylin Brut Rose 2015 750ml/12  

 Anne Amie Late   Harvest Set 375mlx2/6  

 Anne Amie Brut   Cuvee 2012 750ml/12  

 Anne Amie   L'Iris Pinot Noir 2008 750ml/6    

Anne Amie   L'Iris Pinot Noir 2012 750ml/6  

Keg Rose Anne   Amie 20 Liter 

      Premium 3 Liter Bag in Box   

Elo Cabernet Sauvignon NV 3L/4  

 Elo Chardonnay   NV Bag-in-Box 3L/4   

Elo Moscato NV   Bag-in-Box 3L/4  

 Elo Big Red NV   Bag-In-Box 3L/4  

 Elo Rosé NV   Bag-in-Box 3L/4   

Elo Sauvignon   Blanc NV Bag-in-in-Box 3L/4 


Wine in Cans   

Skin Contact Piquette Old   Westminster 375ml/24  

 Crush Can Old   Westminster: Maryland 375ml/24   

Rose Farm Fizz   Can Old Westminster Maryland 375ml/24  

 Farm Fizz Can   Old Westminster Maryland 375ml/24   

Pip &   Berry Can Old Westminster Maryland 375ml/24   

Raw Rose Old   Westminster 375ml/24   Skins and   Seeds Old Westminster .375ml   

Carbonic Old   Westminster 375ml/24       


 Happy Camper Cider Old   Westminster Can .375   

Scar of the   Sea 2016 375ml/12 California (Hard Cider)    

Scar of the   Sea 2016 375ml/24 Dry Hopper (Hard Cider)      

  Ready to drink Cocktails  

 CV Chocolate Mint 750ml/12   El Jefe Craft   Margarita 750ml/12   

1010 Premium   Drinks Daikiri Red (Ready to Drink) 750ml/6  

 1010 Premium   Drinks Margarita (Ready to Drink) 750ml/6  

 1010 Premium   Drinks Mojito Classic (Ready to Drink) 750ml/6 

  1010 Premium   Drinks Whisky Chocolate and Coconut Cream 750ml/6 

  1010 Premium   Drinks Dark Rum Cream 750ml/6  

 1010 Premium   Drinks Pina Colada (Ready to Drink) 750ml/6  

 1010 Premium   Drinks Whisky Chocolate Cream 750ml/6  

 1010 Premium   Whisky Coconut Cream 750ml/6 



  Ouzo 7 by Thraki 200ml/24   

Below Deck   Silver Rum 750ml/12 

  Below Deck   Spiced Rum 750ml/12   

Tsipouro,   Katsaros Brothers 750ml/12   

Eastside   Potato Vodka 750ml/12   

Mastic Tears   Classic, Eva Mitilini 750ml/12  

 Eastside   Burnside Bourbon 750ml/6  

 Eastside   Cherry Bomb Whiskey 750ml/12   

Eastside   Marionberry Whiskey 750ml/12   

Grace Gin   750ml/12  

 American   Distilling Bourbon 750ml/12  

 American   Distilling Dry Gin 1.75L/6  

 American   Distilling Dry Gin 1L/12   

American   Distilling Gold Rum 1.75L/6   

American   Distilling Gold Rum 1L/12   

American   Distilling Silver Rum 1.75L/6   

American   Distilling Silver Rum 1L/12   

American   Distilling Spiced Rum 1.75L/6   

American   Distilling Spiced Rum 1L/12  

 American   Distilling Whiskey 1.75L/6   

American   Distilling Whiskey 1L/12 

  Camacho   Tequila Gold 1L/12   

Devlin Irish   Whiskey 1L/12   

Devlin Irish   Whiskey 750ml/12   

Drunken Sailor   Spiced Rum 750ml/6   

Kentucky   Walker Bourbon 750ml/6   

Olde Point   Distillery Original Canadian Whisky 750ml/12   

Scots Royale   Scotch Whisky 1L/12   

Roots Herb   Spirit 750ml/6 pack   

Roots Mastiha   750/6 pack 

  Roots Rakomelo   750ml/6 pack

  Roots Tentura   750ml/6 pack    

**We also work with exclusive wines from:  Italy, Spain, Israel, Georgia, Greece, Australia, France, North America


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